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Blue Flags and Warning Signs

Western-Cullen-Hayes Inc. makes a variety of Blue Flag and Warning Signs for the railroad industry. These signs can be free standing devices or integral parts of other railroad equipment, such as derails or switches. Our signs can be clamped to the rail, spiked to the cross ties or driven into the ballast. We manufacture a power operated, remote controlled Blue Flag Sign for high use such as locomotive and car repair shops. W-C-H also makes signes that can be secured to locomotives and freight cars by hangers or mounted to existing posts or buildings.

The signs are made from 14 gauge steel to withstand the rugged service requirements of the railroad industry. Our standard signs have white letters on a blue background, and a variety of messages are available; please contact us with your requirements. Aluminum signs are available at a slight additional cost.

All of our Blue Flag Signs meet the requirements of the FRA and OSHA for the protection of workers around or in freight cars and locomotives.

See the Articulating - Automatic Mechanical Blue Flag.

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