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Articulating - Automatic
Mechanical Blue Flag

New From W-C-H

Complies with FRA & OSHA

The Articulating Automatic Mechanical Blue Flag is designed to be used with Western-Cullen-Hayes Model HB sliding derails. It spikes to the cross ties between the rails and attaches directly to the rail. When the derail is moved off the rail, the AAMBF pivots down flat between the rail, allowing unrestricted passage of rolling Stock.

When the derail is placed in the derailing position, the AAMBF raises to provide Blue Signal protection for employees working on, under, or between railroad rolling stock, in compliance with FRA and OSHA requirements.

The AAMBF incorporates a gear reduction box and a 360 degree articulating shaft for smooth operation, reducing damage to the unit if accidentally struck by rolling stock.

The AAMBF is available with a blue light for night time visibility.