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Railroad Wheel Sensors and Amplifiers

  • True 0 to 150 mph detection
  • Unique, non-magnetic
  • No-touch sensing of wheels
  • Can determine direction
  • Compact housing

General Description

Our railroad wheel sensors and amplifiers are used wherever information regarding the direction, speed or presence of a piece of railroad rolling stock is required. Dual head (directional) and single head (non-directional) sensors can activate car identification systems, track scales, industrial grade crossing warning systems and hump yard control equipment. Western-Cullen-Hayes has also used these sensors to operate railroad gates and end of track warning signals. Please contact us with your requirements.

Principle of Operation

Inductive coils inside each sensor are connected by two wires to a remote amplifier. When the flange of the railroad wheel enters the high-frequency field of the sensors, the sensor oscillators are dampened, resulting in a change of amplitude. This frequency shift is reflected back to the amplifier, which generates an optical coupler output. A variety of high and low speed amplifiers are available, please contact Western-Cullen-Hayes for the product that is right for your application.