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Mechanism Tools

Proper set-up and maintenance of Western-Cullen-Hayes 3590 Series Gate Mechanisms requires a few simple but essential tools, all of which are available from Western-Cullen-Hayes.

  1. Spring Scale, for measuring gate arm torque.
  2. Torque Wrench with Socket, also for measuring gate arm torque.
  3. Snap Ring Pliers, for ratchet wheel removal.
  4. .020 Gauge, to adjust ratchet wheel to hold clear pawl removal.
  5. .032 Gauge, to adjust gap on hold clear mounted power down contact.
  6. 1/16" insulated gauge.
  7. Contact Bending Tool, for contacts without stiffeners.
  8. Contact Bending Tool, for contacts with stiffeners.
  9. "T" Handle allen wrench.
  10. Ounce Spring Scale, to measure contact spring pressure.
  11. Angle Finder, to set contact cam operation position.
  12. 3/32" Wire Gauge, to check vertical stop to segment gear clearance.