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New Low Profile Portable Derail

Western-Cullen-Hayes announces a new portable derail, the LP-TS.

This new derail incorporates the same proven overall design as the TS Derail,
but with a lower "above top of rail" height, to clear locomotive pilots.

The LP-TS comes in either left or right hand versions.

  • Less than three inches high
  • Light weight - approximately 40 pounds w/o flag
  • Can be padlocked in the derailing position
  • Resists sliding - unique, patented design
  • Rugged-fabricated from high strength alloy steel
  • Easy to install - requires no special tools
  • Can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized application
  • Equipped with a highly visible warning flag
  • Fits rail 75 to 141 pounds


Proper Installation of a Hayes Portable Derail


  1. Loosen set screws, and screw handle, place derail on top of rail, make sure the derail is level and parallel to the rail.
  2. The graduated teeth must be against the corner of the tie or tie plate, on the gage side of the rail. Remove ballast as needed.
  3. Adjust set screws on the field side of the derail to a light bearing under the rail head, tighten jam nuts.
  4. Hand tighten screw handle to secure derail to railhead. Align holes for applying padlock.
  5. Position warning flag, if used.



If the derail has been involved in a derailment, DO NOT USE IT AGAIN.