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New Twelve Inch Light
Model 985-201

Western-Cullen-Hayes is now manufacturing a completely redesigned,
12 inch diameter, incandescent flashing light signal.
Our new light feaures:

  • Deep Dish Design
  • External Peep Sight
  • New Roundel
  • Aluminum Coated, Plastic Reflector
  • New Lamp Bracket
  • 20 or 24 Inch Background

The 985-201 Light uses a combination of an aluminum coated, plastic reflector and a newly designed 30 by 15 roundel to achieve unsurpassed light output with a standard 25 watt incandescent lamp. Even when the reflector is scratched and dirty, the 985-201 will out perform most crossing signal lights available today. Our new lamp bracket, with set screws, permits easy focusing of the bulb. An external peep sight allows you to aim the light with the cover closed.