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Electric Lock Derail Operator

  • Protect work areas, satisfy FRA and OSHA requirements

  • Electrically locked, manually operated

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Flexible system adaptable to your requirements

  • Designed and manufactured by Western-Cullen-Hayes

The Western-Cullen-Hayes Inc. Electric Lock Derail Operator or "ELDO" for short, contains a selenoid locking device and associated electrical equipment mounted inside a rugged, compact, weather resistant steel housing.

The ELDO is designed to enhance the safety and security of any railroad-related work area. It is an uncomplicated device that electrically locks a Hayes Type HB Sliding Derail on the track to prevent the unauthorized entry of a train into a particular area or building.

Responsible persons in the work area operate the ELDO locking control and the train crewmen are responsible for removing and replacing the derail, virtually eliminating the possibility of an inadvertent derailment.

The control circuit for an ELDO can be interlocked with plant rail doors or freight car loading and unloading equipment so the derail cannot be unlocked while the equipment is operating or the door is closed.

ELDO's are also used to initiate bells and beacon lights to warn workers in the area being protected.

Grade crossing signals can also be initiated by an ELDO where a road crossing lies between the derail site and the area being protected.

There is a wide selection of control options available to operate ELDOs; from a simple two position key-switch, to multi-function signal interlock control panels. Please consult Western-Cullen-Hayes Inc. with your particular requirements.

A full range of accessories is available for every ELDO, including Target Mounts and Switch Lamps in a variety of color combinations, colored light Trainman's Signals, Warning Bells and Beacon Lights.