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TheNew 3597 Gate Mechanism from Western-Cullen-Hayes

Western-Cullen-Hayes announces the latest innovation in crossing gate technology, with our new Model 3597. The 3597 offers the same proven reliability as previous Western-Cullen-Hayes mechanisms but with the added performance of our new high torque, permanent magnet motor and Electronic Gate Monitor (EGM)*

  *Patent # US 6,307,339


The EGM System Protects the Gate Mechanism From Damage When:

When one of these conditions occurs, the EGM System will send a signal.

The Model 3597 will power (12) forty-seven pound counterweights required for a forty foot gate to the horizontal position, without the gate arm in place. This feature enables maintenance personnel to replace a damaged gate arm or service counterweights quickly and safely.

The 3597 with EGM System, along with new heavy-duty side bearing ratchet wheel, self lubricating contact cams and modular control design, saves you money by reducing maintenance, injuries and delays. 

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